We Are The Dallas Magnolias

Founding Board of Directors

                       Regina Bruce, MS, BS

               CO-Founder, Dallas Magnolias

Born and raised in a small town in Middle Tennessee. After high school, she moved to Texas and paid her own way 100% through college with scholarships and working at a bank and student teaching.

By all who know Regina — it is agreed that she is a true earth angel whose soul origins have an overarching intention and wish to bring peace, light and love to humanity and all beings in need. Regina’s devotion to Children’s Education & Homelessness, Suicide Prevention, and Women’s Health amongst other humanitarian causes never go unnoticed.

Now retired after 5 years at Price Waterhouse as a tax accountant and 21 years at Bank of America/ Merrill Lynch as a financial advisor specializing in commercial real estate, Regina is wholly committed to the Dallas Magnolias mission.

            Carla Russo, PhD, ND, MSc., RYT

               CO-Founder, Dallas Magnolias

Dr. Carla is a Professor of Integrative and Functional Wellness, and, a Quantum Transformational Life Coach at Zen Wellness Academy.   www.DrCarlaRusso.com

In her own words…

“I see inherent goodness, resilience, and wholeness in each individual.. I know that when people are allowed to share and express their unique significance and gifts in the most joyful, passionate, and fulfilling way, they achieve ever-expanding success and prosperity in all areas of their lives. When individuals act from a unique sense of purpose, fueled by passion, I see them collaborating with others in mutually respectful and loving relationships to artfully create a world of magnificent abundance.”

Dr. Carla firmly believes that when God is first in your life,  all good things are possible through faith, prayer, and action.

Further, Dr. Carla believes that a life well-lived is one that is remembered by the love, kindness, integrity, humility, compassion, and generosity shown to the earth and all its inhabiting creatures ~ great and small. 

Tammany Stern, BA 

CO-Founder, Dallas Magnolias

Tammany, throughout her career she is the quintessential entrepreneur. She helped her family grow Passbook Clubs of America Throughout the U.S. Created and Owned Athena’s Greek Seafood Restaurant, Pompeii European Men’s Clothing Store, and currently Bestofguide.com/ BogRewards Media Company. She has served on The Farmers Market Friends Board, The Greater Dallas Restaurant Association Board for 16 years, Serves as a Trustee for National Jewish Health Immunology, and Respiratory Medicine in Denver CO., Most Recently inducted as a Dame at Les Dames d’ Escoffier. Tammany gives of her time freely to support many local causes. Her biggest accomplishment is her family. Married to Rob for 35 years, her 3 grown sons, 4 grandchildren, and fur babies.